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    Address:J16,No.1 Office Park, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
    Phone:86-29-8569 2608
    Fax:86-29-8569 2610
    Zip Code:710119

        In order to achieve the customer's quality requirements, and constant pursuit of excellence, we have our own complete set of scientific quality control system so as to dedicated to provide customers with better quality products.

    1.Created customer quality manual

    2.For each customer, we would contrapose the quality requirements of our customers to do detailed knowledge, record and sort out a book, and communicate with customers time and again, in order to inform the customers’ quality requirements to all production and related personnel in the first time accurately and completely.

    For all production and quality control personnel, we would regularly carry out quality control study communication conferencing, intending to make each employee have a deep understanding and implementation for the customers’quality requirements.

    Assessment system for raw material suppliers
    we have a strict assessment system for all materials suppliers selection. From the raw materials selection of suppliers to the quality control in the production process, we should always follow up to ensure that all fabric/trims qualities meet the requirements. We regularly arrange meetings with suppliers to communication, require suppliers have a accurate understanding and full implementation for our quality requirements and we often arrange quality personnel to the place of supplier for quality monitor of the being produced products.

    Once all raw materials reach the factory, the professionals will inspect and receive the raw materials, for the unqualified raw material, are all requested to give back to the raw material suppliers to remanufacturing.

    3.All fabric/trims will be arranged to send the ITS or SGS for the related physical and chemical test in order to meet the customers’ requirements.

    4.The quality management for production and manufacturing process
    Pre-production meeting: before producing of each order, all merchandiser, QA/QC, workshop directors, technicians and the head of the production line need schedule a pre-production meeting. The meeting will determine the products technical process, inspection standard, important procedures and other details. Through the meeting study and products detail discussion, all the people will have a unified understanding of products quality requirements and sewing process to avoid problems.
    Pieces of inspection: after cutting, all pieces are inspected and numbered 100%. All problem ones are to be changed.
    Sewing the first garment: There are not only factory QC inspections but also merchandiser and technician examination for the first garment sewing. The factory will check all inspection records and improve the quality of the goods.
    Production in-line inspection: each production line is equipped with an inspector for 100% inspection in the sewing products.
    Each sewing workshop is equipped with patrol QC to check products and semi-finished products.
    The finished first garment: There are not only factory QC inspections but also merchandiser and technician examination for the finished first garment in order to ensure the absolutely correct finish and package.
    The checking of finished process: there are inspectors do the 100% inspection for the every process, such as ironing, attaching and bar-tack.
    Final inspection: the final inspection group must do 100% inspection before packing so as to ensure that the packed products can meet different customers' standards.

    Photos and graphics · WWF or used with permission
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